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Welcome back to The Morning After, the official blog post of Friday Night Lights!

Just like that Week 1 is in the books. It wasn’t so bad, now was it? (Ok maybe it was rough, but did you die?) Great job to all our athletes. I loved seeing everyone pushing themselves and cheering on other athletes. Friday captured the true spirit of Friday Night Lights.

I want to give a special thanks to our judges. Judging is a tough job, especially with Week 1 being a 20-minute workout in such tight quarters. You held our athletes accountable and made the event run smoothly. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

Here is a recap of Week 1 of Friday Night Lights!

Week 1 MVP

Congratulations to our Week 1 MPV, Josie Lunksi-Ramsrud! Josie just finished Bootcamp 4.0 and her first week of On-Ramp!
Below is an athlete highlight interview with Josie

Why are you doing The Open?
To push myself and see what I can do.

Favorite part of CrossFit Icehouse?
The super encouraging coaches and awesome atmosphere. Everyone wants you to succeed.

What’s your favorite hobby?
Riding my motorcycle, especially with my family.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I stared riding motorcycle at 50. I am a mother to 3 and a grandmother to 6.

Individual Placings after Week 1:

Women’s Rx              Women’s Scaled
Leslie: 16:19               Cierra 13:40
Whitney: 221             Carly 14:22
Kayla Jo: 191             Gunther 14:51

Men’s Rx                     Men’s Scaled
Andrew 19:12             Nick 14:50
Jordan 215                  Matt S. 16:33
Nathan 205                Zach T 18:55

Team Placings after Week 1:
1st: Turn Down For WOD
2nd: Sass Squats
3rd: WODding Crashers
4th: Flex Appeal

Don’t forget to give yourself a gold star on your team scoreboards for challenge points. Be honest! Some challenges will take some time, so do not claim points you did not earn!

Shout out to some big PRs this weekend!!
Noel K:           First time competing. First time emceeing an event!
Devon W:       First time competing. First time doing dumbbell snatches.
Jessica K:       First competition. First time doing dumbbell snatches.
Morgan:          First Open competition. First time doing dumbbell snatches.
Erica:               First Open competition.
Amanda V:     First competition. First time doing dumbbell snatches.
Jessica R:        First Open competition. First time doing dumbbell snatches,
Amanda W:     First ever CrossFit workout! First competition. First time doing dumbbell snatches.
Kaitlin:             First time competing. First time doing dumbbell snatches.
Kayla Jo:         First time hitting herself with a 35# dumbbell
Julie:                First time competing. First time doing dumbbell snatches
Kayla W:          First Open competition
Allison H:        First competition. First dumbbell snatch
Haylee:             First competition. First time doing dumbbell snatches.
Amanda P:       First competition. First time doing dumbbell snatches.
Amanda F:       First Open competition. First time doing burpee box-jump overs.

I apologize if yours didn’t make it on there. I like sleeping, so I may have been in bed while you posted it. (My name is Nancy, I’m allowed to act like a grandma.) Let me know your PRs by shooting me a Facebook message or emailing me at nancy@crossfiticehouse.com by 9pm Sunday evening.

What do you have to look forward to during Week 2 of The Open?

Schedule Reminder:
• Thursday: No 6:30 class or 7:30 Yoga. There will be Open Gym at 6:30pm. The workout for Week 2 will be released around 7pm Thursday evening, so swing by and watch the release with us.
• Friday: No evening classes. Warm ups start at 4:30 and the first heat starts at 5:00pm. We will party until the last heat is finished!

Week 2 Sponsor:

They are a promotional product company that can help you find your business or brand identity through logo design, apparel, and products. Thank you for the awesome t-shirts!!

Week 2 Theme:
MERICA DAY! USA! USA! USA! Bring on your best red, white, and blue attire for this week’s theme challenge.  We will have some tents set up tailgate style to extend our space for warm-ups and socializing, so plan on having some layers on hand in case it gets chilly!

Week 2 Challenges: Each challenge is worth one point.
• Lifestyle: Drink water! ½ of your body weight in ounces daily
• Fitness: Accumulate 10 minutes in a plank hold prior to FNL.
• Recovery/Mobility: 2 hours of mobility work this week. Yoga, ROM WOD, foam rolling, and stretching are all fair game.

For more a more detailed breakdown, check out Coach Mo’s video on Week 2:

The final note I want to make today is a reminder of how The Open (Friday Night Lights) is designed. The Open is meant to display the overall ability of an athlete. It requires strength, stamina, gymnastic skills, and I could go on and on. Even the best athletes in the world have events that they struggle in. All though all of you worked your butts off, I know some of you might not have done as well as you would have liked this week. Shake it off. I know it’s easier said than done, but you have 4 other weeks to rock it. There will be a week that you shine!

As always, reach out to your team captains with any questions you have. Let’s keep this momentum going into Week 2 of FNL!