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Welcome back to The Morning After, the official blog post of Friday Night Lights!

So, we just finished up Week 3 of The Open, and if you are like me you might be experiencing the Week 3 slump. By now you’re probably getting into the swing of things and a little bit of the excitement has worn off. You’re likely sore, and stiff, and tired. Don’t get me wrong, you’re still having fun and crushing the workouts, but you are starting to feel a little drained, right? So, how do you get out of this slump?
First of all, know that its very normal! The Open is designed to test your limits. This is both physically and mentally exhausting, and it certainly isn’t easy being so badass! Listen to your body and make sure you are taking the rest you need.

Secondly, be sure to complete the weekly challenges. Besides of obvious reason of earning points for your teams, the weekly challenges are designed to keep you body healthy from week to week. They help you keep your body moving, fuel your body right, and make you conscious of your recovery time. Do yourself a favor and complete the challenges!

Last but not least, embrace the Icehouse core value, “Go All In.” We are over halfway done, and Friday Night Lights only comes once a year. I challenge you to continue to push yourself! You have two more weeks to showcase what you have worked so hard for. Don’t be afraid to find your dark place and crush the workout. You have two more weeks to dress up silly, make new friends, and cheer your ass off. Go all in!


Congratulations to Week 3’s MVP, Shanthi! She crushed last week’s workout and PR’d her single unders. She continues to work her ass off in classes and impress us every day. Thanks for your hard work and

Why are you doing The Open?
Honestly, I’m still not sure why I signed up for the Open. I was terrified, and it was a moment of an insane moment of bravery… plus Coach Mo said she believed I could do it. And Coach Mo is never wrong.

What’s your favorite part of CrossFit Icehouse?
My favorite part of CrossFit Icehouse is that I have never once dreaded coming in to workout. It’s insanely hard but fun too!

What’s your favorite hobby?
My favorite hobby is painting and working with mixed media art.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
A fun fact is that I designed a tattoo of a phoenix that 2 other friends wear along with me.


Team Placings after Week 3

  1. Buns and Guns: 491 pts
  2. Swole Patrol: 467 pts
  3. Chalk Dirty to me: 460 pts
  4. Blood, Sweat, and Beer(d)s: 417pts

Week 3 Team Spirit Award:
Buns and Guns (Aka The Marilyn’s)

Don’t forget to give yourself a gold star on your team scoreboards for challenge points. Be honest!
Some challenges will take some time, so do not claim points you did not earn!


Shout out to some big PRs this weekend!!

Shanthi: 20 SUs in a row
Sarah Borders: 1st pull-up in a workout (did 12)
Valerie: 1st pull-up in a workout (did 15)
Jeremy G: 1st workout with pull-ups
Meredith: Most SUs ever done
Makenzie V: 20+ Unbroken SU
Noel K: 1st kipping pull-ups in a year (did 36 total)
Alex V: 1st kipping pull-ups in a year (did 24 total)

Let me know your PRs by shooting me a Facebook message or emailing me at nancy@crossfiticehouse.com by 9pm Sunday evening.


What do you have to look forward to during Week 4 of The Open?

Schedule Reminder

  • Thursday: No 6:40 class or 7:45 OLY Class. The workout for Week 4 will be released around 7pm Thursday evening, so swing by and watch the release with us.
  • Friday: No evening classes. Warm ups start at 4:30 and the first heat starts at 5:00pm. We will party until the last heat is finished!

Week 4 Sponsor

Week 4 is brought to you by DREKKER BREWING COMPANY!
Recently voted Best Brewery at the Fargo Bacon and Beer Festival, Drekker has been slinging delicious beers to us Icehousers for years now. They have been with us since the beginning. Thank you for your
continued support and your delicious beer!

Week 4 Theme

St Patrick’s Day! You know the drill: green, shamrocks, beer, ect.

Week 4 Challenges

Each challenge is worth one point.

  • Lifestyle: Eat 5 servings of vegetables every day.
  • Fitness: Accumulate 10 minutes in a plank, or 20 sit ups a day.
  • Recovery/Mobility: Take a recovery shake after each workout. (Take within 30 minutes of working out.)

For more a more detailed breakdown, check out the Coaches’ Week 4 video.

As always, reach out to your team captains with any questions you have. Here’s to a successful Week 3!