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Welcome back new friends and old to The Morning After, the official blog post of Friday Night Lights!

Week 1 was the largest Friday Night Lights event in Icehouse history! We have 117 athletes throwing down this year. How crazy is that?!? Know what’s even more crazy? That number is a mere fraction of the number of athletes participating in the 2018 CrossFit Open. Roughly 500,000 athletes from all around the world will be participating in the Open and be just as sore as you the next 4 weeks. Pretty neat, huh?

If you want a more in-depth history of The Open, The CrossFit Games, and CrossFit in general, I recommend reading, Learning to Breathe Fire by J.C. Herz. It’s an easy ready and really dives into why we do what we do at Icehouse. In the meantime, here is the cliff notes on the history of The Open.

The CrossFit Games started in 2007. If you don’t know what The Games are, they are basically the Superbowl of the CrossFit world. There were 70 athletes that gathered in California to do workouts completely drawn at random. Seriously, the workouts were written down on colored balls and drawn out of a hopper! CrossFit continued to grow, and so did the number of athletes interested in participating in The Games. In 2011, Reebok launched the first ever Open competition, the online qualifier for Regionals. Around 26,000 athletes participated, making it the largest sporting event in history.

Personally, The Open is my favorite event all year. Each Friday we throw down at our gym in Fargo, ND, and we do the same workouts as almost 500,000 other people from all around the world. While we see the strength of the CrossFit community each time we come to the gym, I think we sometimes forgotten that we are part of a worldwide community as well. I could go to Brazil, India, Japan, wherever, walk into a CrossFit gym without speaking the language, and could figure out what the workout would be. In a world that is so divided, it’s really comforting being a part of sometime so universal. That might make you think of CrossFit a little differently!    


Congratulations to our Week 1 MPV, Heather Schimke, aka Schimtastic, aka Big Al! Heather crushed 18.1! (Despite chowing down on tuna and a protein shake beforehand.) Oh, maybe I should also mention that Heather was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer just 72 days before the workout. Help me congratulate Heather on an amazing performance at FNL and wish her luck on her journey to beat cancer! You are an amazing person inside and out. Here are some words of this week’s MVP:

Why are you doing The Open?

I ALMOST didn’t do the open this year because as many know, I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in December 2017. But once I found out that my 10 lb weight restriction would be lifted by the time the Open started I definitely knew it was a GO!! I start chemotherapy on Thursday March 1st, so I am just hoping I am can continue participating in the Open. BUT THAT IS WHY I participated this past Friday night because I don’t know how many opportunities I will get this year to sweat hard this year at the Open. HOPING FOR THE BEST.

This year the open is simply about showing up and doing what I can. Completely different view of Crossfit and life than previously.  Seize the day.. You don’t know what tomorrow holds.

But, MOSTLY this year, I here for my fantastic village. I want to yell and cheer them on, as they all kick ass in their own way.  

What’s your favorite part of CrossFit Icehouse?

I started at Icehouse in the summer of 2016, and participated in the 2.0 Challenge. Instantly I fell in love because it is NEVER redundant or mundane. I love seeing how I’ve improved over the months, and surprising myself on a semi regular basis. I love ICEHOUSE because of the great group of people I now call friends. They hold me accountable, encourage me, and quite honestly have been integral part of my recent cancer diagnosis.

I am ALL the richer for the people I’ve met at Icehouse. Being part of this community has been a game changer in regards to my recovery. I could write a novel about these folks, but I will leave it with, I LOVE ALL OF YOU.

What’s your favorite hobby?

Drinking sour beer, rescuing middle aged hounds, and coloring in sweary coloring books.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

My right foot is a WHOLE SIZE bigger than my left foot. It’s hard finding shoes.


Team Placings after Week 1:

1: Swole Patrol 137 points

2: Blood, Sweat, and Beer(d)s 133 points

3: Buns & Guns 128 points

4: Chalk Dirty to Me 126 points

Week 3 Team Spirit Award:


Don’t forget to give yourself a gold star on your team scoreboards for challenge points. Be honest!  Some challenges will take some time, so do not claim points you did not earn!


  • Shout out to some big PRs this weekend!!
  • Julie: First Rx’d Open workout
  • Sarah S: First Rx’d Open workout
  • Jeremy: First workout with TTB, first Rx’d Open workout
  • Meredith: First Open workout
  • Noel: First comp post pregnancy
  • Alex: First comp post pregnancy
  • Whitney: First Open workout pregnant
  • Carol: First Open workout

Let me know your PRs by shooting me a Facebook message or emailing me at nancy@crossfiticehouse.com by 9pm Sunday evening.


What do you have to look forward to during Week 2 of The Open?

Schedule Reminder:

  • Thursday: No 7:45 OLY Class. The workout for Week 2 will be released around 7pm Thursday evening, so swing by and watch the release with us.
  • Friday: No evening classes. Warm ups start at 4:30 and the first heat starts at 5:00pm. We will party until the last heat is finished!

Week 2 Sponsor:


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Thank you, Baird Law, for helping us build everyday athletes.

Week 2 Theme:

Personal Mascot! If you had your own personal mascot, what would it be? Cat? Dog? Paris Hilton? Dress up on Friday to win those Team Spirit points!

Week 2 Challenges:

Each challenge is worth one point.

  • Lifestyle: Learn something new about 5 new gym friends. Reach out to an athlete you don’t know and strike up a conversation. FNL is a great way to make new friends!
  • Fitness: Accumulate 15 minutes of pull-up progressions. Examples: strict pull-ups, banded pull-ups, hollow holds, kip swings. Ask the coaches if you have questions.
  • Recovery/Mobility: Accumulate 10 minutes of upper body stretches. Examples: eagle stretch, thread the needle, puppy dog, ect..

For more a more detailed breakdown, check out the Coaches’ Week 2 video:

As always, reach out to your team captains with any questions you have. Here’s to a successful Week 2!