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You are sitting on the couch having never worked out, you are newer to the gym and trying to figure out this whole CrossFit thing or you have been working out for years, this is a repeatable process.  The journey from you to your goals, you have goals right, is rarely ever a smooth forward path.  You have to celebrate the process, the journey that’s making you a better you.


We’ve talked about goals a great deal and I’m not going to dive in too much but to say this is where the process has to start.  You have to define what it is you want to dive into.  This is a lot of time the step that is missed and the part that people forget when they are knee deep in the process.  There has to be something out there you want more than anything, something that you are willing to embrace the suck for.  Weight loss is always the go to answer but you need to dig a little deeper than that.  What does losing those 10 lbs gain you?  Why do you want to have energy to play with your kids or walk your dog?  When you set a goal dig deep and get real with yourself. If this is the part you are stuck on reach out and talk to one of the coaches, we can help you dive into this.


Once you’ve got your goal set you need to, in the words of Ben Bergeron, “tell yourself I’m the type of person that…”  So let’s say your goals is to run a 5K.  You need to tell yourself “I’m the type of person that get’s up at 6:00 AM and goes for a run.  No matter the weather, no matter how tired I am, I’m the type of person that goes for a run.”  This sounds crazy but just by telling yourself this, it’s going to make getting out of bed in not so awesome weather, when it’s dark a lot easier.  This helps define who you are and shows you have the character to be who you say you are.   You can use this for work projects, waking up early in the morning, mediation, and all sorts of goals you set.


Once you have the goal set and you’ve got your I’m the person chat in your head it’s time to dive into the process.  The process is that road between you and your goal.  This picture is worth a thousand words, because the process is rarely ever a straight line.  If your goal is a body weight deadlift there will be days you will feel like a super hero and you can load the bar with All The Weights and there will also be days where an empty bar feels like a thousand pounds.  You need to tell yourself “I’m the type of person that goes to the gym” on all the different types of days. Celebrate the small victories not just the big PR’s, like going to the gym when you didn’t want to or doing a workout with unbroken reps. This will make the process way more enjoyable.

Embracing the process is all about changing your habits and changing the story in your head.  It’s about creating a “new normal” and embracing who you will become on that journey.  It’s not going to be easy, it never is, however you might be surprised at how much fun you have becoming a better version of you.