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Super G: Origin Story

Super G: Origin Story

Every hero has a beginning

That beginning is where they make the decision to take up the mantle of a hero, and take the sacred oath that states: with great power, comes great responsibility!

As is true with most heroes, this story has a humble start and the desire to do good and inspire others with his amazing ability to look evil in the eye and stand firm. That is where the story of Super G begins to unfold

As a young child, Grantely Johnson always knew that he was different, that the way he saw the world could change things dramatically in the world should he choose the heroes journey. This unique ability means that his approach to every day was anything but ordinary, it was Super!

Summer of 2018, Grantley was visiting the local zoo alongside his best friend and sidekick. Suddenly a flaming meteor screeched down from the sky creating a horrific explosion and crater the size of a baseball diamond.

The ground began to collapse around the two boys sending Grantley’s sidekick plummeting into the crater below.

Thinking only of his friend, Grantley dove fearlessly into the crater reaching with everything he had to grab the hand of his falling classmate.

At that moment, the ground shook throwing Grantley and his friend into the pit. While tumbling head over heels to its bottom, Grantley was exposed to the radioactive meteor that lay at the heart of the crater. The fall had left his sidekick laying mortally injured and in his last moments, a single phrase was uttered by the dying sidekick.

A phrase well known to all heroes: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

It was there in the darkness that Super G was born!  He rose from the dust and debris with a new purpose and determination now coursing through his blood.

HE WAS SUPER G! Armed with his new super strength, Super G would face down evil to never flinch, never stutter, and never back down.

As is the case with all superheroes, great strength always inspires great evil. Would Super G rise to the challenge placed in front of him? Could he fight back the evil that looks to creep into and poison the world with darkness?

While Super G’s story is only beginning, his vow to stand against those that would look to bring pain into this world will always stand true.

Super G is more than a superhero, he is a symbol meant to inspire the good and strength in ALL people!

Join Super G’s Super Squad

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