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Ya’ll are crushing the first week of the Flux Challenge and we want to keep that going.  In this first week it’s all about awareness and creating a space for ourselves.  Something I want to dig into that can have a huge benefits on our health is positive self talk.  Now I’m not going to say you can’t ever be real with yourself because that’s not real. However, we are typically our own worst critic and that is something we can turn around.

Where do we start?

Since we are talking about fitness lets start with our mindset during our Flux classes.  Are you a person that watches Emily’s video and the first thought is “I can’t do that or that looks hard?”  Let’s dive into that a bit, the truth is you can do it and you’re more than likely going to crush it right?  We tend to set ourselves up for failure from the very start.  I want to challenge on your Flux days to tell yourself, “no matter what we are going to do, I’m going to crush it.”  This is going to take practice but once you master it, there’s not a workout Emily can toss at you that will rattle your mental state.

You’re Inner Voice

The second area I want to challenge you on your inner voice is with your nutrition.  Everyone and I mean everyone has an off meal or an off day. That’s okay we are human, it’s how we respond to that off day that can really set us up to be the most successful in this challenge.  If you find yourself knee deep in the cupcakes a co-worker brings in don’t self punish and then say “well this day is done, might as well get pizza.”  Nope, the reality is it was a cupcake, not your whole plan, not a reflection of who you are, it was a cupcake.  You ate it, probably satisfied a craving and now it’s time to refocus and get back on track.  Now this shouldn’t be happening everyday but that cupcake (or pizza or latte or whatever) does not mean you failed, it does not mean you are never going to finish the challenge.  If you can master saying “it’s okay, I’m still going to hit my goals and I’m ready,” you’ll really set yourself up to crush this challenge.

This week be aware of that voice in your head.  Only you can change your story!  Keep being awesome!