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As you all are aware, we are moving, and soon!  We have been pushing the crew as hard as we can to hit our target date of 3/1, but unfortunately that is not going to happen (insert sad face).  Luckily our current space has let us extend our lease…for part of the gym through March.  Right now we are set to be completely in the new space on March 18, just a short wait for this amount of awesomeness!


Classes and events will run as usual through the end of the month, which is next Tuesday.  Beginning on March 1st, we will now be entering the gym through Door B (throwing it back to last year).  We will still have access to the restrooms, but our current Bootcamp/Aux/Lounge area will be rented out by another business beginning the 1st of the month, so that area will go away.

Check ZP!  We will be keeping classes up to date in the app, if you aren’t sure if there is a class or open gym, make sure you are still checking-in and looking at the app. That is the easiest way to keep up with any changes.

With the reduced space transition times during evening classes will be cozy.  Please keep that in mind if you need to bring kids they will need to stay seated on the cubbies during class.  This is a safety concern, so we can not make exceptions on this.


Week 1 for FNL will run as planned in the old space, so no worries there.

Week 2 is where there will be some changes since we will be operating with about 1/2 of our usual floor space.  We will be setting up some tents in the front and the back of the gym to extend our floor space for warm ups & socializing during week 2.  It will end up being a similar size to our current space that way, but will limit parking out front, so you may need to (gasp) park down the block.

Our theme is ‘MERICA for Week 2, so we are going full tailgate for it! If anyone has any tailgating equipment they are willing to lend us that would be super helpful (heat lamps & lights are what we are currently lacking) and we would greatly appreciate it!  Just like a tailgate, bring some extra layers if you want to spend more time socializing or warming up/stretching outside.

Week 3 is TBD.  We are hoping to be in the new space by week 3, but that would mean they finish a week early so we will keep pushing.  Keep an eye out on the social medias and “The Morning After” for updates on week 3.


Phase 1: We’ve gotten a lot of questions about how you can help with the move.  Phase 1 will be to move out of gym A (the bootcamp room) this weekend.  Sara & I will be tearing down Gym A after classes on Saturday (2/25 beginning at 11AM), and we would welcome any help to do that.  Bonus we will be taking some equipment over to the new space, so you can also get a sneak peek that way 😉

Here is the Facebook Invite for the first round of Moving: LINK

Phase 2: Flooring!  We have new flooring that will need to be laid in the new space.  We are currently planning to lay the floors as early as next weekend (3/4).  Having a few extra jacked unicorns move the rolls will be extremely helpful!  We will post to the group what times we will be diving in once we know for sure the painting is done and ready for us!

Phase 2: TBD.  As mentioned we are pushing to get in ASAP, but currently planning to tear down and move the rest of the gym the week of 3/13.  Will share more details as we have firm timelines. Also make sure to keep an eye out on ZP, and on our group for any updates.  We may need to have a slightly adjusted schedule one day to accommodate the big move, but we will let you all know as soon as we know!

Thank you so much for the patience, we really appreciate it!  We are pushing to have 2.0 up and running and awesome for you all!

Want to see the latest progress, check out our latest update Facebook video: