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“I’d like a vente non fat caramel mocha frappuccino with whip please.” It happens every day at coffee shops all across America, the foo foo coffee drinker. I use to be somewhat of one myself. I hated the taste of coffee but loved all the wonderful things it did to me. It made me awake and overall a better person. It was also adding anywhere from 400-700 mystery calories a day to my diet.

Before CrossFit graced the stages of my life I had a personal trainer who was my best friend and the most real person in my life. I would say “my diet is great but I can’t see abs”. I was on a body building regimen where vanity was everything. One day we were out and I was crashing from the previous morning’s ass kicking, so I went to the coffee shop and did what I always do. You would think I stole his first born. “That’s your six pack, that’s the reason your body fat is healthy but not athletic”. Like I said he kept it real so let’s all keep it real.

You can have the diet of a Greek God, eat trucks full of broccoli and a farm of chicken but you’re wasting a lot of time if you’re drinking your calories. This is the thing I never really thought about outside of trying to avoid delicious delicious beer. How could my coffee, chai tea lattes or bourbons with maple sugar be keeping me “healthy but not athletic”? Sadly he was right, it wasn’t until that day that I took a long hard look at Everything I was consuming during the day, week and even month. I’m not saying give up coffee, that’s just insane, but I am saying give up foo foo coffee. It’s crap anyway, it’s some chemical manifestation of coffee.

Eating healthy and being healthy is really about keeping things simple. It’s time for blackish coffee. Try it with coconut oil, cinnamon or a splash of almond milk, it might change your fears of black coffee. As for the other most amazing beverages in life, take a look at where you might be able to cut back a little. I know we’re tip toeing on patio season but maybe sub the margarita for a gin and tonic. And no I’m not telling you to give up beer, just keep in mind what your goals are and act accordingly. As you know small changes make the big difference, especially when it comes to your health and fitness.


Coach Mo