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We hope you’ve been following along and now know how important goals are to staying on track, and even what SMART goals are.  But how do you actually set the right goals for you?

As discussed in our last post, start with your why.  Depending on what that why is for you, it might already be a long term goal just waiting for a plan!  From there, I would recommend making a list of things you’d like to accomplish right under it. For Example:

Why: I want to be a jacked unicorn


  • 5 strict pull ups
  • 30 second handstand hold
  • 10 double unders
  • Lose body fat
  • Get promoted at work (Surprise, not all goals have to be fitness goals!)


Now that you have your list (also I’d recommend getting any and all things you want to accomplish in the next year or so down on paper so your list will likely be quite a bit longer to begin with) pick 2-3 to work on as short term goals and 1-2 as mid term goals.  Your why will be your overall goal called your long term goal.  This can seem a bit tricky, so let’s see how to break down our long term goal, of being a jacked unicorn, throughout the year:

I want to be a jacked unicorn (I wanted to be lean and good at body weight movements)

  • 1 year goal (Long Term)

5 strict pull ups

  • 1 strict pull ups – Will accomplish by end of July (Short Term)
  • 3 strict pull ups – September (Mid Term)
  • 5 strict pull ups – End of 2016

30 second freestanding handstand hold

  • 15 second hold on wall – Short Term by end of June
  • 10 second free standing handstand – Sept (Mid Term)
  • 30 freestanding- Long term end of 2016<

10 double unders

  • 1 double under by July (Short Term)
  • 5 by August (Mid Term)
  • 10 by September (Mid Term)

Lose body fat

  • Meet with coaches and track all food intake by July (short term)
  • Meet with coach to Set & Track Macros and focus on cutting August (mid term)

Get promoted at work

  • Finish Quarterly presentation early -June 30th (short term)
  • Meet and exceed all of my set job expectations
  • Be positive and set an example through my work

You now have 5 solid short term goals to pick from (all bolded).  Now how many you choose largely varies on how much time you plan to dedicate to all of them.  In this example you have 3 gym goals, 1 nutrition goal, and 1 work goal.  Doable, but will require a lot of dedication.


The nice thing about breaking goals down this way is that once you have accomplished one of them, your next one is already outlined for you so you can keep on your path of de-crush-tion!

Finally, once you have your goals chosen, put them somewhere visible and tell your friends.  Put them on our goals board, on your bathroom mirror, or even throw them out for the world on Facebook!  Having them written down and visible keeps you on track and more accountable.  You’ll also want to make sure we get a copy of your up and coming goals so we can help you set a plan, and stay on track!

For this week – Grab a pen & paper and make a list of all of your goals!

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