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Today is officially one year since we opened our doors! So much has changed in the past year, and we have you to thank! It’s been a crazy busy year, but easily the best one ever! So THANK YOU!

How This Madness Started

Icehouse started as a “hey we should open a gym!” I had been doing the long distance thing between Minneapolis and Fargo for about 2 years, and was looking to move north at some point.  Sara & I were competing together in St. Cloud one weekend when we threw out this crazy idea.  That week my current employer announced they were going to be going through a massive “restructuring,” so my job was potentially going to be eliminated.  At that point I called Sara and set up a meeting to see if that crazy gym talk was really a possibility.

We agreed that it would be awesome, and we should totally try to do it.  I’d take the business side, and she’d take the programming/head coach duties.  It was perfect…so long as she could move with me to Fargo….so we moved forward!  That was in October, by December I had a new job lined up, we had an affiliate and just needed to find a location.  Three realtors, many visits later we couldn’t find what we wanted in the downtown area (that we could afford at least!).  So on a whim Sara checked Craiglist, and we found this gem (tucked away and all Dojo’d up!)


So we moved North, where we knew about 5 people (if that), and we opened up the doors and hustled and hoped for the best!  The first few months were a lot of nights with just the 3 of us WODing, and planning on what we could do to get the word out. Was A LOT quieter in those days!  WODing is great and all, but as you all know WAY more fun with friends!


While we are still small in the grand scheme of things, our community is nothing short of amazing!  We have loved getting to know each of you, and watch you grow as athletes and overall badasses 🙂  You’ve set big goals, and crushed them!  The open has been such an awesome display of what you have all worked so hard for!  We’ve had so many of the feels the past year, and especially the past 4 weeks watching so many of you do what you didn’t think you could!  We are so proud of you all!

It’s been 1 year of awesome, 2 expansions, lots of fun events and so many awesome memories and friendships made.  We are so incredibly glad we made the leap and moved north to open Icehouse and meet all of you wonderfully amazing people, and our lives are so much richer with you all as a part of it!



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