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11391509_10152835392872443_4352710845455206416_nThis is written on the first night of the biggest competition in Fargo (which my counterpart is kicking some serious booty in). I see people from all over the map coming to Fargo ND to show their competitive side. It’s exciting, it’s fun to watch people lay it all out there for the sake of competition. Some have trained for months, even two to three times a day. Others this might be their first competition so they’re in it for the experience, to see where their training has taken them. It’s what makes CrossFit so great, if you choose you can test your fitness against those in your area, region or the world.

On the flip side of this I saw a post that rings true with what we believe in at CrossFit Icehouse, it was was a post by our good friends at CrossFit Allectus. Their post read “express your fitness” with a picture of some pretty serious wake boarding skills. It showed me that yes we work hard in the gym but it’s summer, so they tell me, and we should look for ways to express all this hard work we do. By now you might know that Courtney jumps out of airplanes as a form of relaxation and I myself prefer a 70-100 mile bike ride to bring me back to center. There are many reasons we as a community do this crazy thing called CrossFit. Whether it’s to keep up with kids in the back yard, climb routes in the black hills, jump out of air planes or with the goal of competing at the regional level. The choice is yours but whatever you chose, show it off. You work hard everyday, express your fitness to those around you, it’s contagious!