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Wow, 2018 was something else. I don’t know if I have ever had a year with so much personal growth and change. Looking back on who I was at this time last year, I’m not even sure I can recognize that person. 2018 sure brought a lot of changes. I am excited to find out what 2019 has in store for me!

Becoming a Coach

This year I was asked if I would like more responsibly at the gym. Obviously, I said yes. I had been essentially stealing knowledge and experience from the coaches at Icehouse for over a year. I had also coached a few kids’ classes and I thought I was ready to jump in and start coaching “the big kids!” WRONG! I have read a bunch about the scientific principles of strength and conditioning as well as how we train to get desired effects. Turns out there is much more to coaching than a technical understanding of movement and how those movements produce a response.

I can remember the day my mindset shifted from “I know enough.” To “I know NOTHING.” I had just coached my first “regular” CrossFit class, I did a lot of things wrong that day, messed up the clock, forgot to teach a movement, and had the class run over about 10 minutes; all hard lessons that I have learned more than once, and I’m sure I will learn again. Along with what I thought I knew, one other thing changed that day. My perspective on what I was actually doing at the gym. I suddenly had a why. I decided after that class that I want to influence the members at our gym, the same way that the other coaches and all of the members influence me. I truly believe that I learn something from every class I coach and that I use those lessons to be a better coach. Not only do I try to use those lessons professionally, but I also use them personally as well. You can learn a ton about how you interact with others based on how they react to you after you just made them do burpees and thrusters for an hour! Seeing all of you come into the gym and put in the work, regardless of what else is going on in your lives is a powerful inspiration that I use for my own goals.

Speaking of goals, here are a few of mine for 2019!

  • Learn at least one new skill
  • Recover with the same effort put into training
  • Lift some heavy weights (It’s really challenging not to write 39 goals for a barbell, so this one covers them all!)
  • Learn more about Strength and Conditioning
  • Graduate College
  • Coach at a higher level. (More than movement.)