Your Mindset Matters. Is Yours Holding You Back?

Feb 22, 2022


Your Mindset Matters. Is Yours Holding You Back?

Mindset is insanely important for all areas of our life. Our mindset creates the filter on how we see the world and live our lives. Mindset is also extremely important for joining a gym, showing up to the gym, and crushing in the gym.

We talk about this a lot if you’ve ever experienced a one-rep max day. If you walk up to the bar loaded with what would be a new PR for you and all that’s going through your mind is how heavy it’s going to be and how you could never possibly lift the weight in front of you, the odds of you lifting that weight are very slim, even if you have the skill and muscle capacity to complete that lift.

Those odds dramatically change if you can walk up to the bar with a mindset of “I got this”, “This is going to be easy”, “I’ve been working really hard and I know I can make this lift”. While it may seem easier to see how in this circumstance the lift may or may not have been made but the same holds true for most other areas of our lives as well. 

Mindset Matters When Showing Up

Let’s start simply: if you’re an athlete that looks ahead at the workouts and you see that Monday is filled with movements that challenge you and don’t excite you, and Wednesday is filled with your favorite movements and it’s your style of workout, Wednesday is going to be easier to show up for than Monday. Why? Because Wednesday is something you have a positive outlook on and Monday’s outlook doesn’t hold the same enthusiasm.

That can mean that if you are planning to go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and something comes up Monday that could qualify as a reason to not show up to the gym you might jump at the chance. It might make your schedule inconvenient or mean you have to cut something out and the gym is the “easiest” option to eliminate. It’s not that you didn’t want to go Monday, you had it scheduled, it’s that something else came up, and it became “inconvenient”. 

Flip that and let’s say something came up on Wednesday instead. Wednesday was something you were excited for, you’ve been waiting all week and now something came up. Sure it’s inconvenient, but if you plan it correctly you’ll be able to make it all fit together. So what’s the difference when they were both inconvenient? The mindset behind it.

Monday wasn’t all that exciting and an out came and it was easy to switch the gym to inconvenient, “I wanted to but I couldn’t make it work.” However when the same thing happened Wednesday and while it may have been tight it still fit into your schedule. The difference was your mindset. You were determined to make Wednesday and so you made sure you wouldn’t miss it.

That being said, some days are really hard to show up for; you’re tired, it’s not your favorite workout, it means your schedule is a little more cramped, but that doesn’t mean it should be used as an out. (Some days maybe, every day, every week, definitely not.) 



This is where mindset makes all the difference. Life happens but you need to decide how you want to live it. If you are determined to show up for yourself, work out because it gets you closer to living your fittest life and eat good food, barely anything will stand in your way. Not because life doesn’t happen, but because your focus isn’t on the day-to-day trials, but on your end goal. That means when inconveniences pop up, you are able to stay on track because your focus is no longer on how inconvenient it is to show up for yourself. 

Having a why and a routine also help to keep your mindset in check. If you’ve ever tried to only be positive and hope everything will change, sometimes that hard forcing positivity doesn’t make workouts that are less enjoyable easier to show up for. Mindset is deciding who you want to be and how you want to show up for yourself. Do you want to eat healthy foods and workout and live a healthy lifestyle? Then decide that’s what you are going to do.

Set out your calendar and decide beforehand how many and which days of the week you are going to the gym and then make it a non-negotiable. Next, plan your meals; what are you going to eat on what days, and make sure you have all the things you need to make those meals, prep ahead of time so it’s easier when it comes time to make those meals. It’s a lot less convenient to go out to eat and skip the gym when it’s written on your calendar and you’ve set up all the roadblocks beforehand.

What’s Your Why?

 Another great way to stay motivated is to find your why. Why do you want to show up and why it is important. Maybe it’s to feel proud of yourself when you look in the mirror, be able to play with your kids or grandkids, hike a mountain, compete (and crush), or even because it makes you feel amazing so you can crush the rest of the things in your life.

Whatever it is, write it down where you can see it because you deserve to accomplish your goals and feel good about yourself.  This is important because it reminds you why it’s crucial you show up, even when maybe it is “inconvenient” or you just don’t want to.  So change your mindset, you can do hard things and accomplish huge things, and the biggest reason of all because you are worth showing up for.