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Real question time. Would you ever get dental work from a hobby dentist? How about surgery from someone who does it a couple of hours a week after they’ve worked their actual job? Well my friends, that’s what you’re getting at almost every gym and group class in Fargo-Moorhead.

We’re changing the way fitness is done in Fargo-Moorhead. 

No other gym in all of Fargo-Moorhead can say all of their coaches are full-time and certified. We can. Learn more about why that’s important. And more importantly than anything, come in, see us, and get started living the fittest years of your life.

Sara Mozingo

Founder, Owner, and Coach

Sara is the leader at the helm of Icehouse Fit. When she’s not developing rep schemes, diving into the nerdery, and helping people live their best lives, she enjoys hanging out in nature, hiking trails or climbing rocks with her sidekick Mr. Mosely.

Jeremy Gruensteiner

Director of Operations and Technology

I have always enjoyed helping people, but wasn't always sure what that would look like as a career. I found Icehouse, became certified as a coach, and after my first experience coaching I decided that I wanted to leave my career in technology and make it my purpose to help people transform their lives. When I am not coaching in the gym, I can be found traveling to compete as an Olympic Weightlifter or trying out new strength sports.

Leslie Rumble


My favorite part of being a Coach is watching someone do something that they didn’t think they could do and do it anyways! Seeing them get stronger, healthier and crush their goals is the best! I use fitness and movement to improve my mental health game. Getting my body moving has helped me be a better person, be more present for my family and have more energy! My favorite place to use my fitness is at the lake! Swimming, walking in the woods and yoga on the dock.

Every gym has them, we live by them.

Icehouse Core Values

Be More You

Be Nice or Leave

Go All In

Make Good Choices

If It’s Not a Heck Yes, It’s a Heck No

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