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About Icehouse Fit

We offer group and individual coaching with a focus on you as a person and athlete. 

What we do

Icehouse Fit is a “You First” fitness environment.  We build relationships and create healthy habits through fitness to allow you to become the best version of yourself.  

We take the time to get to know you, understand your goals and provide the tools and knowledge you need to meet and exceed them. You are not just a membership number here, you are part of the Icehouse Family.  We are a community, a collection of people from different areas of life that work together, sweat together, laugh and joke together, and above all else support each other.

Icehouse Fit provides group fitness classes, private training, remote and online coaching from our location in Downtown Fargo, ND.

Icehouse Fit is so much more than a gym.

Icehouse Fit Core Values

Be More You

Be true to who you are.  While we believe we improve by surrounding ourselves with strong, awesome people we still want to get to know you.  Seriously.

Be Nice Or Leave

Everyone is different, we are here to support each other and make this journey fun.  We aim to create an environment where everyone is free to be themselves and be supported in their journey.

Make Good Choices

23-1.  Leave your ego at the door and approach your workouts in a way to always improve yourself, not compete with the person next to you.

Go All In

We are fully committed to helping you be your most strong, confident, badass self, but we can not do it for you.

If It's Not a Heck Yes, It's a Heck No

We leave doubt and indecision at the door so we can say no to just being good, and say yes to being the best we can be.

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Icehouse Staff

Sara "Mo" Mozingo

Sara "Mo" Mozingo

Owner and Head Coach

CrossFit L1 and L2 Certified

Sara is the Owner and head coach at Icehouse. When she’s not developing rep schemes and diving into the nerdery she enjoys hanging out in nature hiking trails or climbing rocks with her side-kick Mr. Mosely.


Jordan "Traps" Halvorson

Jordan "Traps" Halvorson


CrossFit Level 1 Certified

Jordan is a coach at who believes that the scientific principles of strength training and the mindset behind personal growth can be applied to everyone to make their lives better. He is also a barbell addict.

80s-00s Country Music

Cierra Brinkman

Cierra Brinkman

Coach and Membership Administrator

CrossFit Level 1 Certified

Spontaneous and creatively fun, Cierra loves to go on any and all adventures! Passionate about CrossFit and kids! Hates writhing bios about self.

Secret Agent Movie Nights

Jake "Omaha" Haile

Jake "Omaha" Haile


CrossFit L1 Certified, CrossFit Gymnastics Certification, B.A. Psychology

Jake is our resident morning person at Icehouse and we believe him to actually be spring loaded out of bed each morning. When Jake isn’t pursuing his passion of coaching adults of all levels all over Fargo, he spends his time having dance-offs with members, playing rec-league basketball, and chasing around his 2 beautiful daughters.

League basketball
Mountain biking
Sports analysis
Behavior modification theory
Human kinetics
Adapted sports coaching
Special Olympics programming

Emily Monson

Emily Monson

Flux Coach

RYT 200 Yoga Certified x2

Emily is the head Flux Coach, and our resident Icehouse Dottir. When Emily isn’t coaching Flux, she is working on elevating her own fitness & yoga game, sketching some badass tattoos for friends, or getting ink done herself.


Gina Dahl

Gina Dahl

Social Media Coordinator

When Gina isn’t teaching you can find her running with her dog Mr. Peanut Butter, going on adventures with her family, or experimenting with food in the kitchen.

Jeremy Gruensteiner

Jeremy Gruensteiner

Coach and Tech Guru

CrossFit Level 1 Certified, USA Weightlifting Level 1 and 2

Jeremy is the resident technology expert at Icehouse. When he’s not patched into the Matrix, he focuses on learning how to coach and obsessing about Weightlifting.

Musical Equipment
Slappin’ Da Bass

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a WOD?

WOD stands for “Workout of the Day.”

What types of movements/exercises will I be doing?

You will first be learning nine foundational functional movements. Then you will learn how to perform bodyweight exercise and weight training. We use kettlebells, barbells, bumpers, gymnastic movements, Olympic lifts, bands, rings, rowers, medicine balls, and more.

What is the Class Structure like?

Classes are approximately 1 hour. The first 15-20 minutes are dedicated to explanation of the WOD, cover the movements and help you scale (if needed), warm-up time, and mobility work. We then do some type of strength work for 15-20 minutes. Finally the group WOD is performed (this lasts between 5-25 min depending on the WOD). The remainder of the time is left for cool-down or skill work.

How often should I do CrossFit?

We program WODs Monday-Saturday at CrossFit Icehouse. That doesn’t mean you need to work-out 6 days per week! For newcomers, we recommend two days on, followed by one day off. Once you are acclimated to the training we encourage three days on followed by one day off for best results.

How long will it take to see results?

This really depends on how hard YOU are willing to work. Someone that is dedicated and wants results instantly can achieve it fast. If you are willing to change your nutrition and start exercising immediately, then you could achieve results in a few weeks. The average person can start to see physical changes in 4 weeks. Members often get other changes much quicker. They experience more energy throughout the day, better sleep, better focus, and less stress after a few sessions.

Is CrossFit for health, athletic performance, weight loss, or aesthetics?

CrossFit is a complete regimen that will improve health, athletic performance, body fat loss, and build strength all in one. Whatever your goals are, CrossFit will help you achieve them faster.

Do I have to be in shape before I can start CrossFit?

No. It will actually be more beneficial if you start CrossFit without any knowledge of how to exercise. You get to learn the important fundamentals right off the bat. This will allow you to develop a great base. Exercising without coaching can lead to improper form, muscular imbalances, and higher risk for injury.

Is CrossFit for athletes only?

CrossFit is for EVERYONE! We focus on functional movements. These functional movements are essential human movements that we use every day. Any movement and any workout can scaled to fit each individual’s needs. Bottom line, everyone will benefit from CrossFit….even grandma.

How does CrossFit improve my athletic performance?

CrossFit is perfect for athletes. Our goal is to make you a complete athlete by targeting all 10 general physical skills: Cardio- Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Speed, Power, Coordination, Accuracy, Agility and Balance. Most traditional training methods only target a few of those skills. The most important part of CrossFit for athletes is that we use functional movements, Olympic lifts, and gymnastics to propel you to the next level. CrossFit will also improve your mental toughness. Our workouts will push you mentally every time, which gives you an advantage over non-CrossFitters. CrossFit is known as the “sport of fitness.” Each training session will feel like a competition; which carries over into your sport. Being able to perform while you hit that mental wall and when fatigue sets in can be trained. Learn how to eat right, get stronger, more explosive, move faster, increase flexibility, and increase mental toughness to become a complete Athlete!

Will I get bulky doing CrossFit?

This is the biggest fear that most women have when exercising. That is why you mainly see women on the cardio machines in the gym and not in the weight room. Women need to incorporate strength training more than men because they are at higher risk for osteoporosis. Your bones are not going to get stronger by hitting the elliptical every day.
Also, testosterone is required for a person to develop large muscles. Women have 1/10 the testosterone as men which makes it impossible to develop huge muscles naturally. The huge and buff women you see in body building magazines are taking testosterone injections, eating a diet geared towards “bulking”, and working very differently than we do here at CrossFit Icehouse. Have no fear of getting bulky, I promise you it won’t happen; just google search CrossFit Women and take a look.
CrossFit will actually give women the look they are after. Our program will help you burn fat and increase lean muscle mass. This results in a lean and “toned” body much like a dancer, and not like a bodybuilder.

I can’t do CrossFit because I have back problems and/or knee problems.

Many people hurt or tweak their lower backs, knees, shoulders, etc. and are afraid to exercise those areas. The problem with avoiding those previously hurt areas forever is that they never get strengthened. This is disaster waiting to happen. You create muscular imbalances by training other areas of your body and avoiding the problem area. You become stronger everywhere else but at the same time that problem area gets weaker in comparison. This actually increases your chance for that area to be reinjured.
CrossFit can actually be used as rehab for injuries. Many people have come to us, unable to Squat (get yourself up from a seated position), Deadlift (picking up your groceries), Press (putting something up on a shelf) CrossFit teaches you how to move properly and exercise with correct mechanics, which in turn helps you regain functional capacity.
If you cannot Squat, Deadlift, Press you may need to start considering if independent living is safe for you.

Is CrossFit safe? I heard you can get injured doing CrossFit, is this true?

CrossFit is safe when done correctly. At CrossFit Icehouse we teach you proper mechanics for functional movements, and continue to develop strength in these positions throughout your time with us, as safety is our priority. We first teach you proper mechanics, we drill them consistently and then we add the intensity.
Remember, any activity can result in injury. CrossFit is safer than most activities because we incorporate movements your body is MEANT to do. When was the last time you saw someone outside of the gym doing a bicep curl? Never, this movement does nothing for you in real life. Now when was the last time you saw someone deadlift in real life? Pretty recently I bet.

The workouts you post are too hard, I could never do that.

Have no fear, 97% of the people at our gym cannot either! The WOD is made to challenge an elite athlete. But that same workout is scaled to YOUR skill level. When you start, you will be doing a modified version of the WOD. We change the load (weights), repetitions, rounds, and distances to fit your abilities. Modifying the WODs will prevent you from over exerting yourself and prevent overwhelming soreness.

What is the difference between doing the workouts on my own or doing them at CrossFit Icehouse?

The most important part is coaching. Having a knowledgeable coach with you during your WOD will reduce the risk of injury, improve your fitness faster, and fix bad mechanics. You can’t see yourself while you train. This leads to bad form and bad habits. These problems will actually be harder to correct in the future.
You are missing the warm-up, cool down, and fun time. We focus on warm-up, skills and cool-down daily. We also work a lot on mobility and stretching for injury prevention.
A big part of CrossFit is community, family, and camaraderie. Having a good base of positive people around you is the best environment to train in. Not only will you be pushed harder because of the support from everyone, but you will have a great time doing it. Take a look at your chain gym. When you walk in, you will see a bunch of people with iPods. Everyone is secluded and not interacting with anyone else. This leads to boring workouts that have no intensity (which means ineffective) and eventually pushes people to quit exercising. It is a sad sight to see. If you go to any CrossFit gym, you will see that the energy is high, everyone is encouraging, and everyone really cares about each other.

I’m really fit and would like to skip the CrossFit Intro Session and come to the Group Workout of the Day (WOD) class, can I do that?

No. There are no drop-ins to the Group WOD classes unless you are an experienced CrossFitter and have tested into our classes. You must successfully test into our CrossFit Program by meeting one-on-one with a coach before being allowed to take our Group WOD classes.

I’m just visiting Fargo, but I’ve been CrossFitting for so long that I do kipping pull-ups in my sleep. Can I please come to a Group class?

We welcome experienced CrossFitter’s from all over the world. You must check our class schedule AND email us to come in for a Group WOD class. Please arrive a bit early to fill out the waiver and check in with the coach. Be sure to let your coach know your level of experience with CrossFit-style training, if you have any limitations or are still at a beginner level.