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Doing Fitness the Right Way

We know that this is a bold claim, and we’re not saying what you, your friends, or your favorite athletes do is wrong. What we know is that trusting your most valuable asset, your health, to a one sized fits all program or a gym that wants you to not show up, doesn’t work.

We do things differently and are invested in getting you the results you deserve.

We are here to help YOU live the fittest years of YOUR life.

Our Services

We offer custom-tailored solutions to help you reach your goals and live the fittest years of your life.

Group Fitness

We love group classes, but you have different goals and needs than your friends in class. Our FIT class takes the best parts of personal training and group classes and combines them into one awesome package!

Private Training

Our private sessions are designed to support your life, athletic, and long-term goals through dedicated attention from your coach. Perfect for people who have a rigorous job, need help with accountability, have a specific athletic goal in mind, or are not comfortable joining a group class.

Custom Programming

We love helping experienced athletes progress in their sport, get stronger, and avoid injury. Our coaches are experienced in helping athletes from all sports but we specialize in coaching Olympic Weightifters, Powerlifters, and CrossFit athletes to realize their potential.


Who Are We?

We are professional coaches who believe that YOU are the hero in your fitness journey. We are here to guide you on the way to living the fittest years of your life.

Our Core Values


Be More You


Be Nice Or Leave


Go All In


Make Good Choices


If It's Not a Heck Yes, It's a Heck No

FitNess | Nutrition | Mindset

These are the three pillars that we believe help people live the best years of their life. Our coaches are dedicated in helping you feel confident, look good naked, and move without pain.

Meet with one of our coaches and start your journey today!

Coach Sara Mozingo standing in front of Icehouse Fit building

Coach Sara Featured on Ladyboss Midwest

In early December, our very own Sara Mozingo was featured on Ladyboss’ blog! Sara opens up about the exciting changes happening at Icehouse and how we approach fitness as well as staying healthy and present during these chaotic times.

Sleep Like an Ultimate Human

Today in our Ultimate Human Series we are talking all about sleep. We are not going to deep dive into the nitty gritty about sleep, more of a 20 thousand foot view of why sleep is so important, and how to get more of it. Is This Your Nighttime Routine? You are a...

Movement Basics for Becoming the Ultimate Human

We hear a lot about what it takes to be an athlete, but what about a solid, should we say ultimate, human. Today we dive into the movement basics that you need to be on the road to becoming the ultimate human.  We define ultimate human as someone who can live well...
getting started, coaching

Do These 7 Things FIRST

Chances are, if you are reading this, you have some sort of health/fitness goal that you want to persue. You may not know where to begin. There are all sorts of people and programs who want to offer you advice, sell you a product, and it can definatley be confusing....

Control What?

If you’re like me I’m sure you’ve heard “control what you can control” a thousand times and rolled your eyes a bit and moved on. “What does that even mean when everything around me is out of my control," is usually my next thought. My partner, Ashley, and I had this...

Work Hard, Stay Humble: Postpartum Training

Modifying and scaling during pregnancy was humbling, but it was nothing compared to postpartum training.  After giving birth, doctors recommend (strongly) six weeks of rest and recovery which means walking and MAYBE light weights.  I’m not an elite athlete but I’m...

You’re Eating for One

A pivotal part of any fitness regimen is nutrition.  You won’t get the results you want if you work out but still survive on cheeseburgers and pizza.  Unfortunately, sticking to a fitness-focused diet is difficult at best when pregnant. Before pregnancy I was counting...

The B Word

I'm just so BUSY!  I'm too BUSY! Yeah...we all are. Have you ever caught yourself responding the the "Hey how are you?" with "Good, but so busy!"  or just "Really busy"?  ?‍♀️Then following up by a conversation complaining with all of the things that are overwhelming...

5 Easy Tips to Keep Meal Prep Simple

When you think about meal prepping does it seem like some daunting, time consuming task that you HAVE to do? It definitely used to be that way for me. I felt like I needed to prep something different for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day. That, as you can...

Consistency Above All

If you’re tired of chasing goals and want to achieve them, Coach Skeds shares her secret to success!